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Tips When Approaching A Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuild

Hydraulic cylinders are used for all kinds of applications, from civil engineering to manufacturing machinery. At some point, these cylinders will experience damage that may require them to be rebuilt. If your cylinders are at this particular point, be sure to approach this rebuild process in the following ways.

Remove Damaged Cylinder First

Before a repair company can address the lingering issues with your hydraulic cylinder that's being rebuilt, you'll want to first remove it from the machinery that it's in or equipped to. This gives the rebuilding company easier access to this component, which gets the rebuild process off on the right note.

First, make sure the machine that the cylinder is on is turned off and remains that way for safe removal. Then, remove the securing hardware and disconnect any lines that are attached.

From there, make sure you have a team to help with the dismount. Then, place the cylinder in a protected place so that it doesn't damage further until it can be rebuilt.

Ensure Cylinder Is Disassembled

A hydraulic cylinder rebuild usually involves parts being broken down so that they can be assessed. Then the rebuilt team will know which parts are salvageable and which components need to be replaced for this rebuild to be worthwhile to your company's operations.

You can get a head start and go ahead and disassemble the hydraulic cylinder for the repair crew if you feel comfortable. You'll need specialized equipment to complete this disassembly safely and efficiently. If you don't feel comfortable, hire a professional company.

Get a Report From the Rebuild Company

Once the rebuild company comes out to begin this rebuilding process for your hydraulic cylinder, make sure they give you a report of what components will need to be replaced. You'll then have a better understanding of the scope of this rebuild and can plan for it financially and from a timeframe perspective. 

After their initial assessments, the hydraulic cylinder rebuilding crew will give you concrete reports of how extensive this rebuild will be. Look this report over carefully and if you're happy with everything outlined, proceed with the rebuild.

Hydraulic cylinders are put through a lot over the years and thus, won't work perfectly forever. If your hydraulic cylinders have gotten to the point where a rebuild is needed, carefully approach this restoration and make sure you do everything you can to ensure it goes smoothly.

For more information, reach out to a local hydraulic cylinder rebuild service.