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Why You May Need To Replace Gears And Fans On Your Cooling Tower

If you use a cooling tower as a means of keeping your industrial building cool, then you should be prepared for the various repairs that might be needed in the future. For example, you should be prepared for the possibility that gears and fans might need to be replaced eventually. These are not difficult repairs to make, and they usually aren't too expensive. Therefore, you should not worry too much if gears or fans in your cooling tower do have to be replaced.

They're Used Constantly

Gears and fans are two of the types of cooling tower parts that work very hard when a cooling tower is in operation. Because of their constant use, it only makes sense that they might wear out over time. A cooling tower can last for a long time when it's properly taken care of, but some of the more commonly used parts — such as the gears and fans — can wear out. Fortunately, it should be easy to buy the appropriate parts for your cooling tower.

They May Need to Be Lubricated

Depending on the type of cooling tower that you have and the way that the gears and fans work, the gears and fans might need to be lubricated so they can move and operate as they are supposed to. If you and your maintenance staff members have not been doing this, it could cause the gears and fans to wear out more quickly than they normally would.

They're Important Parts

Regardless of why your gears or fans might wear out, you shouldn't ignore the problem if they stop working as they are supposed to. Without the gears, your cooling tower cannot perform. Without fans, your cooling tower cannot put out cold air, which means that it will provide little or no benefit when it's running. If you want to make sure that your cooling tower is able to cool as it is supposed to, and if you want to ensure that the cooling tower is actually effective at cooling the area nearby, then you should make sure that you replace gears and fans when they wear out.

If you have a maintenance crew working within your facility, they might be able to replace the gears and fans. If this is the case, you will simply need to purchase the right parts, which you can do online or locally. If you aren't confident that there is anyone working in your facility who can replace the gears and fans in your cooling tower without making a mistake or causing further damage, however, then you should consult a professional for help with installing these important parts.

For more information, contact a cooling tower parts supplier.