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Why Your School District Should Switch To School Buses Powered By Propane Gas

Historically speaking, most school buses run off of diesel fuel. But today, as more and more communities become more environmentally conscious, some school districts are choosing to switch to buses that run off of fuel created with propane gas. Here's why it might be time for your own school district to make the switch to propane gas for school buses.

Propane Gas Is Quieter

School buses can be very noisy, and that's just talking about the children who are stirring up trouble on the inside. But if your school buses still run off of diesel, you are likely creating an even noisier situation with every bus ride. Propane gas is notably quieter than diesel as it burns and this could benefit your school bus drivers and the kids in a variety of ways. First, the lower decibels will help protect your kids' hearing as they move through a potentially sensitive part of their developmental process. But a quieter bus will also make it easier for your bus drivers to hear what is going on both inside and outside the bus. They'll be able to respond more quickly to a disturbance inside the bus and they'll be safer drivers as they may be able to hear an oncoming vehicle before they actually see it round the bend.

Propane Gas Is Cleaner

Buses that run on diesel fuel can send out large, black fumes that are obviously not very healthy to inhale. The problem though if you are transporting younger children is that the bus is probably sending out these fumes right about at the head level of some of your children. Diesel fuel is arguably not too great for the environment and obviously not good for your children to inhale. Propane gas burns much cleaner and there won't be any of those thick, black clouds for you to worry about as your bus idles at each of its many stops.

Propane Gas Can Save You Money

The price of propane is no more fixed than the price of diesel. Switching to a different type of bus will obviously also cost your school district money. But once the transition is made, you will likely find that propane gas costs less than diesel fuel. Your school district will save money on gas costs in the long run and pick up additional benefits as we just discussed as well.

Talk to someone about switching your school district to propane-powered buses today and then reach out to a local propane gas vendor for more information.