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Finding The Right Steam Generator For Your Needs

A steam generator may have several uses, and many companies have steam generators for sale. The steam generator you get for your situation can depend a lot on the application and the budget you have for the unit. 

Steam Showers

The most common use for a steam generator in a residential situation is to provide steam for a steam shower. The steam generator converts water into steam then sends it to the shower, where it comes out of an outlet in the shower. 

The process is pretty simple, but there are many different steam generators for sale, so it can be confusing when you first start shopping for one. It is a good idea to work with the company selling the generators to determine the size machine you need for your steam shower. If you are working with a contractor that installs steam showers regularly, they will be able to help as well. 

Volume Versus Speed

Some steam generators claim to have a higher steam production than others on the market, and while sometimes the claim is accurate, the reason for the speed has a lot to do with the heating method. The coil in the high-speed units uses a lot more electricity to superheat the coil instantly and flash the water to steam.

Over time the additional cost can add up, so you will have to determine if you need that or not as you evaluate the units for sale in your area. 

Durability and Longevity

There are some steam generators for sale that look great on the outside, but since the generator is more than likely going to be hidden from view, it is not something that matters. Pay close attention to the internal components of the machine and the operating controls or interface.

Opting for things like stainless steel tanks and high-quality fittings on the generator is essential to keep the steam generator working for many years; the less maintenance you have to do on the steam generator, the better.

Used Steam Generators

Finding a used steam generator for sale in your area might save you some money if it is still in the home and running. Before you consider a used steam generator, listen to it run, find out how long it has been in service, and ask to see the original paperwork documenting how long ago it was put in the home.  

If you take the steam generator home and install it, then find out something is not working, taking it out can be a big job. While a used steam generator may be a bargain, make sure you know what you are getting before you make your final decision.