Making Industrial Changes

Signs You Might Need To Invest In A New Commercial Water Heater

Water heaters in an industrial setting can last 30 years or more, but you have to pay attention when there are problems with how the water heater functions. You might be responsible for a big facility, and not think much about the commercial water heater until there is a problem. If you don't have any hot water, everyone comes to you to figure out why. Water heater services will come and inspect your hot water heater system and identify whether the system can be repaired or if you need to replace the existing system. If you are running a hot water heater system that is no longer efficient, you are going to be spending an increased amount on utilities every month.

Your Water Isn't Getting Hot

Complaints that your water isn't getting hot enough is a sure sign that your water heater isn't working correctly. Water heater services may be able to repair the system, or it could be time for a complete water heater overhaul. It depends what is wrong with your system, how old it is, and if there is any corrosion inside the tank.

Your System is Leaking

Water heaters leak when the tank is corroded, if a seal has disintegrated, or there is a break somewhere in the system. If the leak is coming from a simple gasket that can be replaced, this is no big deal to repair. When the leak is caused by a tank that is damaged due to corrosion, your tank will need to be replaced. You might notice rust-colored water if there is a problem in the tank or issues with sediment building up.

Your Hot Water Heater Is Rusted

A hot water heater tank that is all beat up and rusted does not necessarily mean it has to be replaced right away. If you have hot water, if the water is clear and you don't have any leaks in the system, your water heater is good to go for now. Once you start to have problems with constant repairs, or you discover that your water is turning color, it's time to replace the tank.

Commercial water heater systems can last for decades. If you are the facility manager, you might even know when the water heater was inspected or repaired previously. If you begin to have problems with your hot water supply, or find water damage because of leaks, water heater services can figure out what is going on and repair it.

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